Office Maintenance Tips

shutterstock_176294513A clean, well-organized work environment is essential to a business’s overall success. At Anago Atlanta, we understand that in order for a company to thrive, it must first find itself in a state of structured and controlled order. That is why we offer our office cleaning services! Whether a mom and pop shop or a large corporate business, we can take care of the flooring, restrooms, windows, and more. Continue reading

Clean Schools for Better Learning

shutterstock_147597611When it comes to education, the academic setting has a significant impact on a student’s level of success. Whether in a daycare facility or on a college campus, the environment and atmosphere greatly influences the overall performance of its subjects. Therefore, clean classrooms are essential to ensure a proper learning experience. Continue reading

We Love Green Cleaning

shutterstock_166776692At Anago Atlanta, we are firm advocates of green cleaning. Our chemical-free products ensure the safety and wellbeing of the businesses, individuals and environment we serve. We are always conscious of the cleaning efforts we bring to our clients. Our green initiative is designed with the Green Seal of approval, as we take our eco-friendly approach very seriously. At Anago, we understand that customers want the best for their workplace. This includes green cleaning services. Continue reading

The Importance of a Clean Restaurant:

restaurant anagoDo you own or work at a restaurant? If so, you will understand the importance of keeping the entire venue hygienic and impeccably clean. After all, a germ-free restaurant is a happy restaurant. However, consistent levels of cleanliness may be difficult to maintain over time. At Anago, we provide professional restaurant cleaning services that can help any eatery, regardless of whether they are a large commercial restaurant or a small, locally owned enterprise. Continue reading


shutterstock_95829055After this particularly rough winter season, it is important to find a warm sense of energy and renewal. This is especially imperative for the work place where minds must be alert, positive and motivated. Winter keeps its guests cooped up in attempts to stay warm. We seal the windows, bundle in thick coats, rely on tissues for runny noses and crank the heaters that undeniably dry out skin. The cold season is famously known to spread dust mites and sickness, so now is the time to rejuvenate! Spring cleaning offers the chance to rid oneself of what they no longer use or need, and start fresh again. The winter was bound to cause a little clutter and disorganization; now it is time to revive the office. Continue reading

A Cleaner Office

Maintaining a clean and well-kept office is important for both employees and clients; when there is less mess, the workplace becomes more of a positive and efficient setting. At Anago Atlanta, we understand the necessity of a hygienic business due to the helpful impact it has on workers. And, office cleaning is something that should be done daily! When an office falls behind and starts to clutter, it can lead to sickness, poor work ethic and sluggishness. It is important to create an atmosphere that is both encouraging and healthy. Here are a few easy steps to ensure you stay sanitized and organized while at work. Anago office Continue reading

How Professional Cleaning Provides Safety and Security for Businesses

For many business owners, 2014 means a lot of different things. It may signify a budget reevaluation, or perhaps tax preparation that may fortunately yield considerable tax breaks. Every business has a budget of some type, but not all of them assign the sufficient amount needed for custodial services. Regardless of the size of your business, having skilled cleaning experts maintaining your building goes well beyond the menial tasks of emptying trash bins and freshening up the restroom areas. What does having professional commercial cleaning services truly mean, and how could this impact your business?

Continue reading

Winter Cleaning

Many homeowners are aware of the extra care that is required during the winter season. Rain, mud, snow and slush create many troublesome complications when trying to keep your tile, grout and carpet clean, especially with the added salt that is present. Road salt gets mixed into everything and can be easily ground into carpeting and grout, both of which react badly and decrease the life expectancy of your flooring. To prevent this corrosive material from eating away at your tile and carpeting, it is essential to clean your floors regularly. Continue reading

Anago Cleaning Systems Named in USA Today’s Top 50 Franchises For Minorities for Fourth Consecutive Year!

For the fourth year in a row, Anago Cleaning Systems has been recognized for “outstanding minority representation in franchise operations and senior management” in USA Today’s Franchising Today issue, “Top 50 Franchises for Minorities.” How was Anago Cleaning Systems chosen for this honor? According to USA Today, the National Minority Franchising Initiative (NMEI) conducted a survey of 400+ franchised businesses. The franchises were evaluated and the top 50 were chosen. Continue reading