Office Maintenance Tips

shutterstock_176294513A clean, well-organized work environment is essential to a business’s overall success. At Anago Atlanta, we understand that in order for a company to thrive, it must first find itself in a state of structured and controlled order. That is why we offer our office cleaning services! Whether a mom and pop shop or a large corporate business, we can take care of the flooring, restrooms, windows, and more.However, a spotless business requires a little extra than the deep clean that we provide. For instance, other day-to-day upkeep may be necessary. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of the following basic office maintenance tips for businesses to bear in mind:

Encourage hygiene. The health of a business and its trusty employees is very important. To help prevent the spread of germs, it is essential to keep hand sanitizer at desks, and to also clean keyboards, monitors and phones on a regular basis.

Restock. Be sure that products such as bathroom soap, paper towels, and other cleaning necessities are always available to employees. Constant access to these products is necessary for a consistent level of sanitary disinfection.

Invest in a paper shredder. This will allow people to keep their personal work area organized without it overflowing with old files, outdated notes and other extraneous papers. Employees can simply toss what is no longer needed in the shredder while feeling comfortable that any confidential information contained in these papers will never be compromised at a later date.

Get organized. Desks have a tendency to get cluttered quickly. Aside from a paper shredder, there are other ways to maintain organization. For instance, use filing cabinets, archival bins and other storage options to ensure that everything has its proper place.

Clean eating. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves when they finish their meals. If you eat at your desk, have a trashcan nearby. Wash your dishes in the sink, wipe down the microwave after using it, and try not to let food expire in the fridge.

As highlighted above, there are various ways to encourage office maintenance amongst employees. After all, a well-kept workspace means healthy members of staff, improved communal organization around the office, and higher overall levels of hygiene. This undoubtedly benefits the business in both internal and external ways, with coworkers and clients alike.

If you are interested in improving the wellbeing and hygiene of your business, please contact us today for a free cleaning quote. Anago Atlanta is here to help ensure that your company’s sparklingly clean surroundings inspire your employees as well as encouraging your establishment’s success in the future!


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